“If We Could See Inside Others’ Hearts”: LIFE, in 4 Min

Wife Had a Stroke - Worried


If you could see inside someone else’s heart would you treat her/him any different?

Interesting and thought provoking question.

Since you already know all the “stuff” that’s in your own heart moment by moment, you can probably say “if they only knew what’s going on in my life, they would/wouldn’t…..to me”. In other words, you want to treated well when you’re “‘up” and when you’re “down”and the treatment may be different in each case.


This video, produced by the Cleveland Clinic, runs through a number of situations where you can see what the people are experiencing internally.

I did one other post like this one a while ago.

If you think about the message of the video it comes down to the Golden Rule 24/7/365 because we never know how much “stuff” may be going on in the people we interact with.

Take a look.



There are a few times in my adult life when somebody has said to me…”when you (Dick S) said …to me, it was just what I needed to hear. It was a life changer.

I didn’t know that I had said anything life changing at the time.

Makes you realize that you just never know where people are on the inside so you have to watch your “idle words” all the time.

Did you ever have experiences like that?

Care to share?


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