This Dying Daddy-Daughter Wedding Dance Takes Place on a Hospital Bed

Wedding Vows for Dad to See




I came across this video almost simultaneously on YouTube and on a really nice website called which I have visited frequently since discovering it a few months ago.

You should spend some time at this site as it covers a pretty wide spectrum of encouraging, faith building subjects.

Here is an excerpt about how FaithIt got started.


About Us

What would happen if millions of people worked together to express their faith online, every day, by sharing the most cause-driven, faith-based and inspirational stories with their friends?

What if we stopped consuming the Internet and started using it for Kingdom good?

What if instead of sharing cute kittens, Game of Thrones memes and prank videos we helped launch stories that matter—stories that have the potential to change lives?

These are the questions we asked before we started

Since launch in early September 2013, we’ve seen more than 100 million people visit FaithIt to watch and share inspiring stories about love, faith, family and global causes.


The Dying Daddy-Daughter Wedding Story


Some family events are sad like a job loss, a college rejection, the death of a family member or a relationship gone wrong and now ending.

Other family events are happy like a new birth, a graduation, a college acceptance, a new job or a blossoming relationship about to take off in a marriage ceremony.

Not so often, but on some occasions, some of the sad and some of the happy elements are combined in one event.

This is a real life and death story of a wedding ceremony being brought to the hospital room of a father with terminal cancer.

Seeing the video is, in itself, an emotional experience.

Imagining how this kind of event might have been on your own wedding day takes the emotion to another level.


The Video


Watch the video with an open heart and let it give you a feeling of blessing and joy if nowhere in your family has anything like this or even close to this happened.

And if you have experienced something like this or close to it, take heart that it is possible to mix joy and sorrow and come out with joy and fulfillment.





Published on Aug 31, 2014

David Haliburton Wilson, thanks for sharing. Dr. Lisa Wilson Pantoja has her wedding in her dad’s hospital room. They then share a touching father/daughter first dance to Whitney Houston’s version of I Will Always Love You.

Mr. Wilson passed away on September 2, 2014.


Her Wedding Dance With Dad

Her Wedding Dance With Dad


A joyful Conclusion

A joyful Conclusion


Wow! I still can’t fully grasp the emotions of that experience, except to say they were worth the cost.




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