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Pit Bulls, Alternative United


Win From Within – Gatorade


Gatorade has started (I think) a series of inspirational athletic video stories called Win From Within. So far, there are five stories/videos and I don’t know if there will be more. But since they are so good, I’ll keep an eye out for them.


Pit Bulls 1

Pit Bulls 1

Life changing things come in lots of different forms.

Some are one on one.

Some are in a team situation.

No matter what the form, somebody has to light the fire within.

When they do, lives change.

Isn’t that great!


The Video


In this video there is a group of  “troubled” teen boys.

They attend several different “alternative schools”.

They have little motivation or sense of purpose.

They are on the road to failure in life.

Look what happened when the Pit Bulls team was put together.



Pit Bulls 2

Pit Bulls 2

Pit Bulls 3

Pit Bulls 3


This is the kind of scholastic athletics I really like.

I can do without the “groom me for the pros” athletic programs in many high schools around the country.

Even worse are the major colleges and universities who way too often lie and cheat and fail to educate their scholarshiped athletes just so they can make money on them while grooming them for a long shot chance at  the pros and an even longer shot chance at success in life.

Do you agree?  Disagree?




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