Susan and Avita – The Full Story

Susan & Avita



The Story


Susan and Avita – The Full Story is a story with a bad beginning and a happy ending.

I like this kind of story.

You will too.

Its the story of an unexpected, unwanted pregnancy and the subsequent anguish that Susan faced when “he” told her to get an abortion.

You may be surprised when and how she got the answers she needed.

Yup, in a Superbowl commercial (by Focus on the Family featuring Pam Tebow and son Tim) at a Superbowl party!

Who would ever have guessed that?

Watch Susan tell her “full” story.


The Video



I found this story encouraging on several levels.

  • Using the Superbowl to spread the word in a positive way that abortion is not the answer.
  • Focus on the Family having the right kinds of tools online to give as much help as the inquirer is willing to take.
  • Prompt and effective response to Susan’s email inquiry.
  • Susan’s extremely positive response to giving birth to Avita and to raising her as a single mom.
  • Susan’s coming closer to Jesus Christ in her life.

How about you?

Any thoughts?


Focus on the Family is a Christian organization promoting family values.

Its motto is “Helping Families Thrive”.

Its website covers a wide variety of family related issues, advice and resources.

Check the site out here:

Focus on the Family




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