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I Am Scott Hamilton and I Am Second


   I Am Second Website   I recently discovered a unique Christian website that has a series of monologue videos all filmed against a black background with a white leather chair for the interviewee. The whole modern, “avante-garde” style sets its approach apart from most Christian sites. I am Second means second to Jesus […]

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Fabulous Drum-Show by Swiss Top Secret Drum Corps

Top Secret Drum Corps

  per Wikipedia Top Secret Drum Corps is a precision drum corps based in Basel, Switzerland. With 25 drummers and colorguard members, the corps became famous for its demanding six-minute routine performed at the Edinburgh Tattoo in 2003. With its invitation to Edinburgh, Top Secret became one of the first non-military, non-British Commonwealth acts to […]

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David Attenborough’s Swan Adventure

Swan and Sir David Attenborough

  Intro About a year ago I posted a Human Planet TV Series 3 minute trailer featuring some of David Attenborough’s work. When you see even a little of what he has done over the years you’ll know why he is worth your time. All of his nature and natural history television works are of […]

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Do You Think I’ll Ever Find God?


  This story was written by Father John Powell, a retired professor at Loyola University in Chicago. Father Powell is advanced in years, but the story is still fresh in his mind and he confirmed that it is true, according to   A TRUE STORY about an Atheist Theology Student Who Was Found by […]

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