The Senior Prom – A short story that has lasted a lifetime

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On May 5, 1962 Lynn and I began our married life that has brought us to today – our fifty third wedding anniversary.

Lynn has written a book of short stories titled Precious Memories and the following chapter tells the story of our first date.

I have to confess, however, that the story really began in the summer of 1957 when my best friend, Norman, told me of the difficult time he went through at the last minute getting a date for his Senior Prom that spring. He advised me to start right away to develop a relationship with a real live girl so that when my Senior Prom came around the following spring it would be blissfully smooth sailing.

You see, I had never had a date with a real live girl up to that point!

Here is the story from Lynn’s point of view and there isn’t much in it for me to disagree with!


Lynn’s Story



A short story by

Lynn Stannard

He felt scared and nervous. There was still plenty of time ahead. He had just turned sixteen in September, and his Senior Prom wouldn’t be until May. Although he had never had a date, he had come close a couple times. However, because of pressure from his best friend, who had just graduated, he knew he had to start early if he was going to ask a girl to the Senior Prom.

So he and his buddy made up a list of senior girls, and began to plot and plan about whom to ask. Some of the girls were already going steady. Some were too tall. And, of course, the cheerleaders were out of the question. The list was paring down. There was one girl, though, that he might consider. She was sort of new in the school.

Fall turned to winter. No more excuses. He was scared, but he knew he had to set up a plan that he couldn’t escape. How about a double date with Don and Betty? They suggested bowling, but he had never been bowling. How hard could it be? So he began to hang around the new girl’s locker a few times, just to say “Hi.” (First things first…)

Winter turned to spring. Easter was coming. He set up that double date with Don and Betty to go bowling the Monday evening after Easter. Now he just needed to ask her.

In a portion of the basement at the Middle school, a “Teen Canteen” had been set up for the local teenagers. Mr. Pass was behind the counter working the soda fountain. Popular rock music poured out from the speakers. Sounds of ping-pong and pool echoed around the rooms. Black leather jackets, Elvis haircuts, jeans and loafers were the fashion of the day.

School had let out on Friday, and he went to the Canteen as usual to play pool with his friends. He ordered a chocolate milkshake. As was his habit, he began to drink it without a straw.

Meanwhile, she and her younger sister came into the Canteen to see if any girls she knew were there. In shock, his heart almost stopped when he looked up from his milkshake and saw her there. She’s here. This is it. Today’s the day. It’s now or never.

A short while later, panic gripped his stomach, when he saw her putting her car coat back on. She’s leaving. It’s now.

He took a deep breath and walked up behind her. Nervously, he pulled on her sleeve so she couldn’t slip her arm into it. She turned around.

He looked at her and said, “Don and Betty are going bowling Monday night.”

She waited.

“They want me to go with them.”

There. He did it.

She thought quickly, “Is he asking me for a date?” Silence. Mercy.

“I’ll have to check with my mother.” They were both relieved. He said he’d call her later.

After she left, he went into the men’s room and discovered his chocolate mustache. Oh no. How embarrassing.

The date was a beginning. The senior prom was very special. Over the next four years they fell in love.

And now, as she writes this story, their fiftieth wedding anniversary is just a few months away.


And now as I write this post, three more years have flown by.

Good years.

There is a lot of truth to the comment that love grows sweeter and sweeter as the days go by.

These last several retirement years have slowed the pace of life and enabled us to focus on and enjoy more of the company of each other.

As we dreamed of a life together about 55 years ago, we would sometimes say that we just wanted to raise a family and enjoy growing old together. We have completed the first wish and we love continuing to work on the second one.

Not everyone is as blessed as we have been and we take our life together with hearts full of gratitude to God and to the many people who have supported us over the years.


Dick & Lynn Senior Prom 1962

Dick & Lynn Senior Prom 1962



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The Senior Prom – A short story that has lasted a lifetime


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