Serengeti National Park – Migration of Wildebeest and Zebras

Migration photo by Anna



Thomson's Gazelles by Stig Nygaard

Thomson’s Gazelles by Stig Nygaard

My wife, Lynn, and I have toured the places and seen the sights in the Serengeti National Park including the great migration.

It was the trip of a lifetime!

This website, describes a wide variety of Amazing Places and is worth your time to poke around.

This particular post does not have video but it does have excellent descriptive words and pictures, including a great photo gallery.

We went to Africa in early October so there is ample time for you to arrange your photo safari with a tour company.

We used Thomson Travel and were delighted with our experience.

Click the link below to get started on your introduction to one of the world’s best national parks.


Serengeti National Park – Migration of Wildebeest and Zebras


Well What do think?

Are you ready for the Serengeti?

Even my somewhat timid wife had a ball!




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