50 Incredible, Inspirational Double Rainbows

Garden of the Gods Rainbow by Raymond Larose


I have had this link to 50 Incredible, Inspirational Double Rainbows in my inventory for quite a while.

With summer coming we are getting into showers and rainbows season in the northeast U. S. so it seems a good time to share it.

Take a look at some impressively large images of some impressive rainbows.

When you get to the last slide you will find an amateur video of a double rainbow in Yosemite National Park.

I have to forewarn you, though. The videographer has some peculiar reactions to what he is seeing.

And the video has over 40 million views after being Tweeted by TV Host Jimmy Kimmel and a few other notables.

Here is the link.


50 incredible, Inspirational Double Rainbows


What did you think of the photos?

And what did you think of the video?

Go ahead, comment below — but be kind!


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