George Younce – Southern Gospel Music Giant – Heroes of the Faith Series

George Younce Final Appearance with Bill Gaither




George Younce

George Younce

George Younce is a hero of Southern Gospel music and one of my very most favorite Christian singers.

George is way more than a Christian musician or Gospel singer.

And he is way more than I know or am able to describe from personal experience.

But he is a man and a life worth knowing about and you can still do that through his music and his video recorded performances.

He is best known as the bass singer in the Cathedrals gospel quartet for over 36 years.

George also appeared extensively in Gaither music events.




Here is a brief bio of George by Wikipedia that gives a recitation of the facts of his life and career.


George Younce Biography by Wikipedia




This tribute includes many personal recollections of the impact George had on people he came in contact with in person or through his music.


Tribute to George Younce


The Last Public Appearance


There are dozens of gospel songs that I would love to share with you but the two features of this post are a humorous song that George performed many times called Side by Side and George’s “signature song”, Suppertime.

The occasion of this particular performance was his last public appearance prior to his death at the age of 75 years.

After you see the Part 1 video and laugh a little there will be another Part 2 video of George singing his “signature song” Suppertime.



George also did a recitation of this poignant poem on the same occasion as the the videos you just watched that assumes his wife, Clara, would precede him in death.

Though it was George who passed first, this recitation shows the satisfaction of a nearly half century together with each other and their Lord Jesus Christ AND his sure faith that they would meet again in heaven.



I hope you have been able to connect with the person and life and ministry of George Younce.

He is a man worth knowing as much about as you can find out.

And if you like Southern Gospel music…George is right up near the top of the all-time greats.

If you don’t know much about Southern Gospel music, just Google it and you’ll find internet radio stations and lots more ways to connect with this inspirational and emotional means of connecting with the God of the Bible.




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