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General Douglas MacArthur’s Credo

MacArthur Museum

  General Douglas MacArthur was a controversial military figure. I have looked at some of the accounts of his long military career and I can’t form an intelligent opinion as to his triumphs and his blunders as described by his biographers. All agree, however, that he was an important part of our history in the […]

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I am Sujo John and I am Second

Sujo John I am Second

  Intro   per I am Second Newly arrived in America from their home in Calcutta, India, Sujo John and his wife Mary found work in 2001 with offices in New York’s, World Trade Center-Sujo on the 81st floor in the North Tower, Mary on the 71st  floor of the South Tower. By September of […]

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Hero Teacher Sonya Romero

Sonya Romero in Class

  What kind of teacher would you want to teach your child, especially the younger ones, in school? I vote for one like Sonya Romero. Sonya has taught more positive values, by example, than all the textbooks and other official teaching aids she is given to teach with. And I believe it is far more […]

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