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This Time


This Time is a short story that was first released on YouTube around Valentines Day 2014.

Its a love story.

A sad/joyful story.

What does that mean?

I think you’ll understand and agree after watching it.

It also explores, subtly, some implications for:

  • Love
  • Marriage
  • Faith

Its thought provoking, if you let it be.


The Jubilee Project – a Fascinating Story in Itself!


Here is an excerpt from their About webpage.

Jason, Eddie and Eric

Jason, Eddie and Eric

Our Mission

Jubilee Project is a 501c3 that exists to tell stories that inspire change. We make short films, PSAs and documentaries in collaboration with non-profits to increase awareness and inspire action. Our vision is to produce entertaining content that will empower, enable, and inspire others to do good as well.

Our Impact

Jubilee Project has produced over 100 videos and garnered over 8 million views. We’ve had the privilege of working with organizations like The Jeremy Lin Foundation, ACT V, Alzheimer’s Association and many more.

The Jubilee Project is fascinating and inspiring. It has a website that you should explore at:

The Jubilee Project

And it has a library of about 100 short films on its YouTube Channel at:

The Jubilee Project Channel on YouTube

Now let’s see some of their work in This Time.



What would you have done if you were Manny?

I want to believe that I would have questioned the truthfulness of the prophecy – was the Devil speaking a lie to Manny?

And I want to believe that even if the prophecy was real (though I don’t believe it was a message from God), I still would have married her.

Would you?




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