A Father’s Letter to His Daughter with Down syndrome on Her Wedding Day

Jillian's Wedding photo on Faithit.com


Jillian and Ryan on Faithit

Jillian and Ryan on Faithit

I recently posted about Connie-Rose Seabourne, a beautiful 2 year old Down syndrome child who now has  two professional modelling contracts. (Connie-Rose Seabourne).

Today I am posting a link to a letter from the father of a Down syndrome daughter to her on her wedding day.

Its a great post that was featured on faithit.com, a great website with a variety of family-friendly content with a Christian flavor.

To me, it showed the potential and value of Down syndrome people at all ages and stages of life.


Picture yourself witnessing this wedding as a friend of these families.

What would you be thinking and feeling?

I think I be crying with joy and full of hope for their future.


Here is the link. Read it a couple of times and let it touch you.


A Father’s Letter to His Daughter, Jillian, on Her Wedding Day




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