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Sonya Romero in Class


Sonya Romero

Sonya Romero

What kind of teacher would you want to teach your child, especially the younger ones, in school?

I vote for one like Sonya Romero.

Sonya has taught more positive values, by example, than all the textbooks and other official teaching aids she is given to teach with.

And I believe it is far more important that children be pointed in a positive values direction than taught “facts”, though they clearly need a good “formal” education.

Not everyone agrees that “values” should be taught in the public schools as there are different views of what the values should be.

The end result is we are becoming “dumbed down” to the lowest common denominator in commonly held values.

Do we even agree on “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” or is that crossing some imaginary church/ state issue?

Take a look as this uplifting and encouraging story unfolds on the Ellen Show one afternoon.



Sonya Romero's School

Sonya Romero’s School

To me, this is the “stuff” of which heroes and heroines are made.

The good news is that are lots of Sonya Romeros out there.

The bad news is that we never hear about them so we feel discouraged.

In this case, thankfully, the story has the live TV audience, Ellen’s website and 6.5 million YouTube views.

Do you know some Sonya Romero kind of people, teachers or in other roles where they are far more important as people lovers/helpers than even their considerable skills or talents?

Don’t these kind of people inspire you?

I try to tell these people that I value them for who they are. I’m not perfect at doing this but I’m improving.




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