Finishing Strong – A Man Sings to 93 Year Old Dying Wife

Married 73 Years and Still in Love


What does the term “finishing strong” mean to you?

A race? Your education? Your military service? Your career?

Your marriage?

Here is a poignant video of a man and his dying wife in hospsice with only a short time of life left.

Both of them are finishing a marriage of 73 years STRONG – at least that’s what I see in My World.

What do you see?



A Personal Note


When my wife of 53 years, Lynn, and I were beginning our relationship we dreamily said that we wanted to grow old together.

Now its happening!

Dick & Lynn April 2012

Dick & Lynn April 2012

Dick & Lynn Senior Prom 1962

Dick & Lynn Senior Prom 1962

And we want to finish strong like the couple in the video.

We are grateful to God for the time He has given us together, and the time that remains ahead, even if the last days are difficult.

I see a marriage of many years as a triumph over all the forces that seem to be arrayed against marriage as God intended it – one man and one woman for life.

I hope your wish for your future marriage is to grow old together and that you do.

Or that you marriage in progress will grow and mature into a very satisfying one that finishes strong at the end of life.

That’s the great reward – not a shortened life together caused by irreconcilable differences that seem unworthy of reconciling.

That’s defeat.




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