This Holocaust Survivor Shares Powerful Story From A Concentration Camp

Francine Christophe


I found this unique video featuring 83-year-old Francine Christophe on the family friendly website

After viewing it I learned that it was a Facebook video with over 11 million Facebook views.

It is a “bittersweet” (You’ll understand the pun after you view the video) story of  of the conditions in a concentration camp during WWII and of an extraordinary event much later.

And the story is told in French — but with English subtitles. This doesn’t detract at all from the storytelling; it enhances it.


Francine Christophe is an 83-year-old French writer and poet. She’s also Jewish and a Holocaust survivor who was sent to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in northern Germany during WWII. In this video excerpt from the documentary “Human,” she tells the remarkable story of how a simple act of kindness was returned to her decades later. It’s a powerful story of survival and the triumph of the human spirit.


I was not able to get the Facebook video embed script to work so here is the link to the post.

Holocaust Survivor Shares Powerful Story

Enjoy and be inspired.

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