Anxious, or Afraid? Let 6 Year-old Asa Give You Some Good Advice

the Scared is scared of the things you like



Bianca Giaever, a college student and filmmaker, wanted to make a film on anxiety from a child’s point of view and she got more than she bargained for when she interviewed a 6 yr old boy named Asa.

The story is told in a great post on a website featuring a variety of content that describes itself as follows:

Upworthy draws attention to stories that matter.

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I encourage you to read the whole post at the link I will give you below, but first take a look at the results of Bianca’s project in this film she produced.

Its delightful!



Now for the link to the full Upworthy post.

I think Bianca did a great job of interviewing Asa and also a clever approach to making a film out of Asa’s “script”.

How about you.

Want compete with Asa?

Not me!




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