Scott Baio On Wife Renee’s Brain Tumor Battle: Her Strength Gives Me Strength

Scott and Renee Baio




Introducing Scott Baio, Chachi on Happy Days, now in his 50’s and his wife, Renee.

A lot has happened to Scott and family since those earlier days.

Before we look at the situation today, take a quick peek at life in the 1950’s with Richie, The Fonz and Chachi.


Happy Days


Fonzi and Chachi

Fonzi and Chachi

Scott Baio made his mark on Happy Days, the long running sitcom that dominated its niche from the mid 1970s and into the 1980s.

Happy Days featured Ron Howard as Richie Cunningham. His parents were Tom Bosley and Marion Ross and, of course, there was Arthur Fonzarelli, “The Fonz” played by Henry Winkler.

Scott’s role was as Fonzi’s cousin who became a boyfriend to Richie’s younger sister, Joanie.

Ahhh, those were kinder, simpler and happier days, weren’t they!

Take a peek.


The Present is More Challenging


Fast forward and times haven’t always been as simple and as happy as in Happy Days.

Scott and Renee started a family in a very difficult way when one of the twins Renee carried succumbed before birth and the other was a premature birth.

Renee experienced other health issues as did their daughter, Bailey.

The following interview of Scott and Renee details their trials.

Watch what has happened to Chachi!



More than facts in the interview, there is a thread of faith and optimism much like the tone of the TV Show.

I was glad to discover this reminder that life is more complex than it appeared on Happy Days.

At the same time, looking on the best side of difficult situations with a maturing faith in God hopefully is the way you and I have learned to live.




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