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Lauren Scruggs Accident Interview


Lauren Scruggs by people.com

Lauren Scruggs by people.com

Lauren Scruggs’ was a 23 year old model and fashion editor when her life changed dramatically in an instant on December 3, 2011.

Lauren walked into the path of an airplane propeller as she exited a small plane.

She was severely injured, losing one eye and her left hand, but she has a unique outlook on her injury and recovery.

Complicating her situation was her family history which includes her parents divorce and subsequent remarriage after several years.

Her story is inspiring from the perspective of the role her Christian faith played before and after the accident and in the amazing love story that developed after she wondered if anyone could ever love her damaged physical appearance.

Watch, let your faith be strengthened and be inspired.



Since the interview above, Lauren has experienced some amazing things in her life.

She decided to write about things that were important to her as she grew up and as she has approached her life after the accident.

The following Today TV interview describes her story and the things that have happened to her since the accident.



I find this to be an inspiring story in several ways.

  • The parents experienced God, individually, while divorced, and eventually remarried believing that it was God who put them back together.
  • Lauren was affected by the fractured family but was strengthened by the restoration of a unified family.
  • Lauren believed in God and stuck with her faith even while she fought through the physical and emotional trauma of her accident.
  • She decided to share her story and even set up a nonprofit foundation to assist other women in need of prosthesis after severe injuries or ailments that require amputations.
  • She was introduced to a Christian man who loved her just as she was (is) post accident and they are now married.




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