What’s Your Role at the Table?

What's Your Role at the Table?


We don’t always need a familiar language to communicate the value of family.

Sometimes we do need to remember what is and is not important about family.

This video was produced for Petronas, the Malaysian Energy Company, and shown on television as a “good will” commercial.

The video builds to its primary conclusion which immediately becomes self evident.

I found the video on Wimp.com, a family friendly website that features a wide variety of positive and sometimes thought-provoking short video stories.

Be sure to check out the site.



One thing that occurred to me as I watched the video is that it sounded more like the USA than an Asian culture.

The lesson, for me, is that some things, like bragging about your childrens’ accomplishments, are universal.

And, alas, we universally brag about the wrong things all too often.




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