WestJet Christmas Miracle: 12,000 Mini Miracles

12,000 Mini Miracle Goal



For the past few years, WestJet, a Canadian Airline, has engaged in some spectacular “Christmas Miracles” of generosity and commitment by its management and employees. These events have been documented in YouTube videos and on this blog.  I’ll supply some links below.

This year, on December 9, the company launched its WestJet Christmas event of 12,000 mini miracles – one for each of its 12,000 employees and on December 15 posted these results.


Published on Dec 15, 2015

On December 9, 2015 we asked you to help us spread Christmas cheer and make 12,000 mini miracles happen in 24hrs. You sure delivered! We were overwhelmed by the response from everyone and after a heartwarming and humbling day, we surpassed our goal by a wide margin.

Here is this year’s WestJet Christmas Miracle heartwarming video.



The recorded final tally of 31,793 mini miracles was way over the goal (and probably continued to climb past the number we show here).


Final Mini Miracle Tally

Final Mini Miracle Tally


WestJet clearly receives very good PR value for its efforts, but to think that its only motivation would be far too cynical.

How many other companies can you name that get so involved with so many employee participants doing so much good at Christmas.

Many companies won’t even use the word “Christmas” any more.


Earlier Year’s Videos


2012   Flash Mob

2013   Miracle: real-time giving

2014   Miracle: Spirit of Giving

What’s Our Part?


Passing by quickly on the video was a “hope” that the company’s mini miracle idea would be taken up and passed forward.

We can all do some act or acts of kindness and generosity this Christmas season and the time is drawings short so let’s go for it!




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