Mucky Secrets – Part 9 – Mandarinfish & other Dragonets – Lembeh Strait

Mandarin Fish Pair




Bubblevision is a YouTube channel full of nearly a hundred underwater video clips, most of which were filmed by a team led by Nick Hope.

If you like underwater video of strange and beautiful sea creatures you’ve got to subscribe to the YouTube Bubble Vision channel.

I do.

The man behind Bubble vision is Nick Hope.  Nick is a highly credentialed underwater cameraman.

The Bubblevision website is at


Mucky Secrets – Part 9 – Mandarinfish & other Dragonets – Lembeh Strait


This Mucky Secrets video is the ninth in a series of 20 videos that can be viewed as a continuous playlist on YouTube, if your attention span is long enough!

Nick has completed of a 90 minute documentary on his experience in the Lembeh Strait which is available as a DVD.

I posted the first 7 videos over a period of months and they were well received.

I posted Part 8 – Sea Moths, Flying Gurnards, Blennies & Gobies – Lembeh Strait in November 2015.

Then I took some time off.

They are so spectacular, I’ll be posting  more of Nick’s work on the blog for a while.

So if you like these incredibly well done videos and are fascinated by the creatures they describe, keep an eye out for them and also pass them along to your friends.

Now here is the video.



Here are a few screen shot stills I really liked.

Pretty spectacular!


Morrison's Dragonet Fish

Morrison’s Dragonet Fish


Dragonet Fish2

Dragonet Fish2


Mandarin Fish Pair

Mandarin Fish Pair


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What do you think about the HD video quality? And the close ups- WOW!

Each time I see something by Nick Hope I’m amazed all over again.




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