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I set out to find a serious Family post to show the positive aspects of parenting or sibling relationships or even how to fix broken parts of the overall family experience.

But I got sidetracked by this hilarious video – Interview With a Toddler.

The video has over 1.6 million views in 1 week!

I showed the video to my wife, Lynn, and she laughed so hard I thought she would cry.




La Guardia Cross is the proud, creative and playful Dad of daughter, Amalah. Amalah is now 14 months old.

Upon finding out that he was soon to become a father, La Guardia did some soul searching about the direction of his life and career and, among other things, started a YouTube Channel called:


New Father Chronicles

New Father Chronicles

Let’s let him give the details from this Bio on his website.


La Guardia Cross’s Bio

Miami native La Guardia Cross is a rapper, songwriter, vocalist, beatboxer, producer, graphic designer, actor, public speaker, filmographer, film editor, and expert bio exaggerator. From drawing toilets at 2 years old to opening up for the legendary KRS One, La Guardia loves to express himself through art.

In July, 2014 La Guardia began a mission to turn his half baked, half pursued day dreams into reality. He gave himself 52 Weeks to set goals, self analyze, and go after what he truly wanted in life: to be a self-sustaining artist. He knew the near future would be unpredictable, but he committed to film an update every single wednesday and post it on youtube. He came up with some pretty clever ideas, like running through 30 open mics in 30 nights with a loop pedal he still was learning how to use. He was having fun.

One day along the journey, IT HAPPENED! Jay-Z discovered him at one of the open mics and signed him on the spot! No, that didn’t happen. Instead, he accidentally got a girl pregnant. Fortunately, that girl was his wife. He paused for a moment to collect his thoughts and ponder the future. He used his weekly videos to announce that surprising, yet great news, and slowly his journey became something more.

When his daughter was born in November of 2014, he posted a few paragraphs on facebook titled “New Father Chronicles”. That was the beginning of his new direction. Four months later, La Guardia’s near barren youtube channel gained over 650K+ views and 5K subscribers. He’s been covered by the Huffington Post, What To Expect, San Francisco Globe, Felicity Huffman’s “What The Flicka”, Godvine, and various media outlets.

This is only the beginning of La Guardia’s #NFChronicles.


So without further ado, from Season 2 of The New father Chronicles, here’s Interview with a Toddler.



Well was Lynn right?  She said I had to post this.

As funny as the video series is, the underlying theme of the joy of being a first time father shines through. And that’s worth seeing and enjoying.

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