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My Mom Only Had One Eye. I Hated Her…

My Mother With Only One Eye

  I originally posted this story of a mother with only one eye a couple of years ago and succeeded in generating tears in my wife’s eyes and probably in many others eyes as well. I didn’t think much about whether the story was true or not because of the “moral” of the story. It […]

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The Girl in the Window –

Danielle's Dusty, Broken and Only Window on Life

  The Girl in the Window and the Concerned Neighbor   Danielle’s life was very likely saved when a neighbor of the reclusive female adult occupant of the decrepit house thought she had seen the face of a young girl in the window, after never seeing a child in the house for nearly 7 years. […]

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Caroline’s Cart

Caroline's Cart Featured Image

  The dream of Ann Drew for a shopping cart for older children like her daughter Caroline and even for adults is finally coming true with arrival of Caroline’s Cart. The new cart will be spreading rapidly throughout the major grocery chains across the U. S. and beyond in 2016. The specially designed cart is […]

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Classic TV – I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy

  Intro   TV is a vast subject to ponder.  So I want to focus on one piece – “Classic TV” – the hits of the past and what made them great in a series over the coming months. There are plenty of shows that could appear on a classics list but I am starting […]

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God Does Not Exist!

I don't believe God exists!

  “God does not exist” says the barber in this short video. He then gives his reasons for saying so, to the dismay of the man who’s hair he just cut, apparently a good friend. Join over 10 million people who have looked to see what happened next.     I know that the anguish […]

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