The Girl in the Window –

Danielle's Dusty, Broken and Only Window on Life


The Girl in the Window and the Concerned Neighbor


Danielle 2009 2

Danielle 2009

Danielle’s life was very likely saved when a neighbor of the reclusive female adult occupant of the decrepit house thought she had seen the face of a young girl in the window, after never seeing a child in the house for nearly 7 years.

The neighbor called authorities who found horrific squalor and neglect and removed Danielle from her mother’s custody.

Danielle was seven years old, weighed only 46 pounds and had developed only to a functional level between 6 months and two years.


Child Abuse is Heartbreaking


Child abuse is a heartbreaking thing. It varies from relatively minor disciplinary excesses to sexual abuse or extreme neglect.

Sometimes it is fatal.

It is never justified.

In this case, which occurred about 15 miles from our Florida winter home, we find an inspiring story of a couple who encountered the severely neglected girl who “wasn’t fit for adoption”. They believed that God had sent Danielle to them to care for, love and protect.

The story was shown in a video on and also on YouTube.

It gives several important insights into the damage done by severe neglect, the extraordinary, sacrificial love of Bernie and Diane Lierow and long and continuing struggle for progress toward some degree of normalcy in Danielle’s life.

Watch and be prepared for a range of emotions from shock, disbelief and anger to encouragement, inspiration and hope.


Bernie and Diane Lierow depended on God’s help when adopting a severely traumatized orphan who had been neglected and raised in unspeakable conditions for seven years… The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN


The Girl in the Window Video



As a followup to the original story, Ophrah Winfrey featured Danielle’s story on the Where Are They Now segment of her TV show.

The first part of this video is a bit repetitive, but the rest is a good picture of a long process with small victories along the way and hope for the future.



Danielle at 15 yr

Danielle at 15 yr

Its hard for me to believe that this story took place 15 miles away from my winter home.

It is also very encouraging to find a couple who ignored the comment that Danielle was not fit for adoption and offered themselves as her adoptive parents knowing the hard road ahead.

They did this because they believed God told them that He was giving Danielle to them.

I am struck by their certainty and their willingness to sacrifice themselves.

Aren’t you?

I love Bernie’s summation of the journey they are on together with Danielle:

Danielle at 15yr

Danielle at 15yr

“Having Dannie in my life is like a roller coaster ride…and I don’t want to get off!”


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