The Custodian Who Became a Counselor

Charles Clark - High School Custodian and Much More

Charles Clark has been way more than a high school custodian for over 25 years in Euless, Texas. He has mentored many of the school's students when it seemed they needed it most.

His methods aren't the classic school guidance counselor methods and, if fact, many of his "clients" are referred to Charles by the school's Guidance Counselor.

With this much information about Charles Clark, you may wonder if he pays much attention to his custodial duties.

Let Charles tell you how he feels about both of his roles at Trinity High School as he is interviewed by TV journalist Steve Hartman for the On the Road segment of CBS Evening News.

Charles Clark's success as a counselor/mentor/father figure makes you ask the question "What are the qualifications to be a school counselor?"

The answer is not a simple one but it clearly transcends the formal educational requirements. It calls for a heart for the students and a passion to make a difference in the world.

 So does Charles think he has been shortchanged by only being qualified to be the school custodian?

It sure didn't sound like it when he looked at his life situation in conversation with Steve Hartman!

You going to tell me I don't have a good life?

This custodian thing is working good for me.

... I got a great life!

I admire Charles Clark greatly. Don't you?

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