Can’t Do Nothing (about Syrian refugees)

Refugees Arriviing from Turkey

This post is a bit off the usual path of faith and family that I feature, but it is an important article. It has impacted the way I look at the Middle East/European refugee crisis.

It has also inspired me to see, first hand, the character of Milana Vayntrub, the AT&T cell phone ad girl.

There is much to learn about the humanitarian aspect of the refugee situation and much to learn about leaving your comfort zone "to make the world a little better" as Milana phrased the reason for her involvement.

Milani Distributing Food She Bought

Milana Distributing Food She Bought

Hands On Help - one at a time

Hands On Help - one at a time

I found this video on the family friendly website  I check the content there regularly and suggest some of their content to you because it is so well done.

This is one of those times.

You will probably recognize Milana as the AT&T cell phone TV ad girl as soon as you see the beginning of the video. But you and I are treated to a depth of character and noble purpose that her parents must be very proud of.

​I encourage you to focus on two things as you view the video:

  • ​The human/humanitarian side of the situation - leaving the politics for another forum
  • How selflessly Milana switched from vacationing tourist to aid helper to followup organizer

Transfering from Lesbos to Mainland Greece

Transferring from Lesbos to Mainland Greece

Milana has started an initiative to bring awareness and support for the Syrian refugee crisis called Can't Do Nothing. They have a website which provides some information and some places to donate to existing charitable aid groups that are currently operating to assist refugees.

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Thanks! - Dick S

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