God Answers Students And Teacher’s Prayers Decades Apart

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My wife, Lynn, taught Sunday School together with my best friend, Norm, many years ago.

Fast forward a few decades and Lynn wrote a book of short stories called Precious Memories and included  a story titled Two Sunday School Students.

I have been posting a few of these stories and I asked Lynn what she would like me to post in this Easter season and this one was her choice.



Lynn Stannard

What a joy and delight it was to teach a Sunday School class. For a few years, I was privileged to team teach Sunday School at my church with Norm, who had been Dick's best friend for many years. We were given a class of elementary age children.

One particular Sunday morning, I was praying before going to church. The thought came to my mind to give an “altar call” to our students to receive the Lord Jesus into their hearts. I wasn't sure any would respond, but it was a strong impression.

When I arrived early in our classroom, I spoke with Norm and told him what I'd like to do. He said to go for it, and he would be able to handle the rest of the class.

At what seemed the appropriate time, I asked the class if there were any students who would like to make a personal commitment to ask Jesus into their hearts. If so, I would take them out of the classroom to a spot near the stairwell, so we could pray in private.

Teacher and Child Praying

Teacher and Child Praying

Amazingly, one of them did. I took that one out. We prayed together and then returned. A few minutes later, a second one. Again I took that one out, we prayed and returned. I was elated, and after class, Norm and I blessed the Lord together.

Child Praying  by ministry to children.com

Child Praying by ministry to children.com

Many years later, I remembered doing this, but I couldn't recall who the students were. So I asked the Lord: first, if He would show me who they were, and second, if the prayer “took”? Would He let me know if they were still walking with Him?

A year or so after that, I was at a conference, sitting near my friend Pat whom I had known a long time. Her daughter Lori was seated right next to me. We chatted a little while, and then listened to the speaker. At the break time, Lori leaned toward me and said, “I want to thank you for leading me to the Lord when I was in your Sunday School class.”

My eyes grew wide, and then I hugged her tightly. I told her about my prayer, and that what she had just said was an answer. We rejoiced together.

A few months later, my husband and I were invited to a welcome back party for a missionary family we supported. They were home on furlough. As we were lining up at the abundant buffet dinner, the host, Bill, stood next to me. He spoke across the room to his wife, saying, “Honey, this the Sunday school teacher I told you about. She's the one that prayed with me to receive the Lord.”

What a blessing. Our God answers prayers that may seem impossible. I'm still amazed at these distinctly clear answers to my heart's plea.

(Recently I shared this story with Bill's mother. As I finished, she replied, “Yes, I remember that he told me about his decision right after church that day.”)

“Then Jesus said, 'Leave the children alone, and don't try to keep them from coming to Me, because the kingdom of heaven is made up of people like this.' ”(Matthew 19:14)

If you are interested in Lynn's book, Precious Memories, it is available in Kindle and print formats from Amazon. Click the image to be taken to her book page at Amazon.

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