33 Moments That’ll Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Man Braves Frigid Water to Save Dog

What does it take to restore your faith in humanity? Can anything do it?

This YouTube video from the Awesome World YouTube channel contains 33 scenes of people going out of their way to help animals and fellow human beings in need of help.

Some of the help seems incidental to continuing animal care in a zoo, for example.

Other situations are lifesavers.

Take a few minutes out your busy schedule and perhaps cynical view of the world and watch people being selfless, kind and important to the lives of other people and helpless animals.

It will brighten your day and go a long way toward restoring your faith in human nature.

And, you'll be one of over 2.8 million who watched.

There is really something profound in witnessing acts of bravery, kindness and compassion.

At least that's what I think.

How about you?

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Thanks! - Dick S

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