The Buddy Bench – when you need a friend

The Buddy Bench

The novel idea of the Buddy Bench has made a big difference in a growing number of school playgrounds.

The Buddy Bench idea apparently originated in Germany and then got its start in the US in Pennsylvania at the initiative of a student there.

This news story from Chattanooga, Tennessee gives a good description of how it works.

Take a look.

The Buddy Bench and Social Media

Isn't this a great idea?

Don't you wish it was on national TV News?

Well, at least it has made it onto some local TV newscasts.

AND, it has made it BIG on social media, videos in a variety of formats like the Buddy Bench video produced by the local CBC TV News, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada that has over 15 million views!

There are several YouTube videos about the Buddy Bench, too.

These stories are first rate examples of "Good News - Tastefully Presented" and I'm glad to find them. For sure there are others but that is why I started this blog and I'm happy to be both an originator of good news and a curator of the good news that others have found.

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Thanks! - Dick S





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