Dillan’s Voice – a Modern Miracle

Dillan's Voice - A Modern Miracle

Dillan is autistic. He cannot speak...until now.

Dillan's life has been hard as his body has grown, his brain has not been able to give him the ability to communicate the depth of knowledge and feelings that are actually within him.

HIs life has changed, dramatically, however.

The video below is produced by Apple and it shows how an iPad has changed Dillan's life.

Admittedly, there is an element of Apple commercial h​ere, but the story is really about Dillan and autism and Autism Awareness Month.

​Dillan's Voice - 3.9 million YouTube Views

Take a look.

Now here is "the story behind the story" in a bit more detail. Don't miss it.

You may have been seeing more about autism during the month of April since it is National Autism Awareness Month.

If you do, please pay attention and maybe even let it move you to some kind of action like better understanding and interacting with someone you know who is autistic, or helping with fundraising or other awareness efforts.

I personally know a few people who are affected by autism and their degree of impairment spans a wide range. They all need and will benefit from the latest kinds of treatment and training just like Dillan has.


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