Celebrities Talk About God – Really!

Stephen Curry NBA

Do you ever wonder if any of the celebrities you know in the entertainment and sports worlds have a relationship with God?

You probably assume that some (many?) do but that they elect to keep their spiritual lives out of public view. Not a bad assumption, I think.

But wouldn't you like to know that some of your favorite celebrities have similar, if not always identical, spiritual beliefs and experiences as yours?

Here is a compilation of short video clips of actors and actresses, singers and sports figures speaking about their belief in and/or experiences with God. To be sure, they are not all alike or do all of them appear to be equally zealous.

Even so, it's good to get a "peek behind the curtain" of these celebrities and their spiritual sides.

Watch and see what you think.

Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris

There wasn't a lot of reference to Jesus or Christ in the dialogue which leaves some room to wonder which God some of these folks are referring to. I don't mean to sound judgmental. I just wish some of the words I heard were more complete.

Even so, I found this video encouraging.

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