Sarah, Born Deaf, Gets a Miracle Implant and More…

Hearing for the first time


Sarah Churman, age 29, was born deaf due to a rare genetic defect that prevented tiny hairs to grow in her ear canal that transmit sound impulses to the brain. Now 29 years later and a mother of two small children, Sarah has been able to receive a new technology implant in one ear that has given her nearly normal hearing in one ear - a miracle for her that has transformed her life.

But that's only half of a great story.

The Ellen Show heard about Sarah's story and an additional detail and brought Sarah to her show.

It seems that Sarah's mother in law cashed in $30,000 of her retirement savings to pay for the the device and procedure which was not covered by insurance.

Ellen was so impressed with the life changing hearing and with the generosity of her mother in law, Lari, that she added some serious joy the family.

The Video of hearing for the very first time - 26 million views on YouTube

​The Ellen Show takes the story to a higher level - 12.6 million YouTube views

This story broke almost 5 years ago and went viral but it also has longevity.

To me, this is a perfect fit for the theme of the blog - "Good News - Tastefully Presented".  Unfortunately, there are many poignant stories that aren't quite as "happy" as this on even if they are good news.

I am really happy to be able to share this story at Mother's Day since it so changed a young mother's life and was made possible, initially, buy a wonderful mother in law.


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