Faces of Hunger – You Do What You Can

Faces of Hunger


In America we don't think much about hunger but it exists here.

In some parts of the world starvation is as common as malnutrition is here in America.

In the movie Miss Congeniality a few years ago, beauty pageant contestants shallowly vowed to help achieve world peace and to stamp out world hunger.

I doubt that many (any?) of them ever did try.

B​ut watching that movie and seeing some of the charitable organization telethons and appeals does make me realize that, even though I contribute to organizations who actively fight hunger, among other life threatening issues, I am not actively engaged.

Then I found this video of a young man who sees hunger up close and he IS actively engaged.

The Video "Every Human Being Must Watch"

12 million YouTube views​

Some Thoughts

Hunger is an emotional subject - especially if it is you that is hungry. It is not as easy to spot as a dilapidated house or a broken down wreck of a car. And it is also an ongoing problem for those who suffer from, poverty, neglect, war, famine or dislocation.

Like the scenes of the video, some (most?) people are completely oblivious to those who are hungry right in their own country, state or neighborhood.

Lastly, hunger is a almost always a manifestation of other difficult problems to detect, confront and solve.

So most of us, I think, and I start with myself, simply ignore these situations, if we are even aware of them.

The video was produced to stimulate action and I'm struggling with what to do with what I've seen.

How about you? Want to share some thoughts or reactions?

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