Two Blind Sisters See For the First Time

Blind from birth


This post has two important points to make:

  • How life changing it is to go from total blindness to total sight overnight
  • How easy it is to give sight to an estimated 20 million blind adults and children in the world

A Heartwarming Story of Two Blind Sisters

First, lets look at a single family in India with not one but two children blind since birth. The family is too poor to even hope for some kind of medical miracle. A doctor in this field says that parents in these situations are resigned to having their children become beggars.

Take a look at this video and as you do, think about the amount of change that this family will experience - literally - overnight.

Wow! Two lives enriched beyond measure for $600. I call that miraculous.


As soon as the "miracles" settled into my brain and heart, I began to wonder about the organization that made them possible. The organization is WonderWork and this is its Mission Statement.

WonderWork logo

WonderWork logo

Our Mission

There are millions of children in the world who are suffering and dying from medical problems that can be solved through miracle surgeries. These surgeries are very quick and inexpensive. The only reason these children haven’t received them is because they are poor. WonderWork was created to provide free surgeries for these children.

  • 15 million severely burned children are waiting for surgery.
  • 2 million children with clubfoot are waiting for surgery.
  • 1 million blind children are waiting for surgery.

The way we do it is unique

We empower local surgeons in developing countries.

Instead of sending doctors on 2-week missions, WonderWork empowers local surgeons through free training, equipment and crucial financial support. This is the smartest way to deliver surgeries in developing countries.

We set high standards for safety and quality.

The safety of our patients is our #1 priority. Our safety and quality protocols ensure our patients receive the best care possible. We audit results and provide free training for all of our partners.

We help children no one else will help.

We work in the poorest countries in the world. We tackle problems no one else will touch. We go to places other charities won’t go. We help children who have been waiting for years for the miracle surgery that can save them.

I studied the WunderWork website and was very impressed with all aspects of the organization from its mission to its concept of training and equipping local doctors, its All Star Board of Directors and its frugal, transparent and efficient financial approach.

I encourage you to look over the site at:

Some Thoughts

Both my wife and I couldn't get past the "miracle" of this life changing surgery that costs only $300.

We traveled to Tanzania a few years ago on a photo safari and saw the primitive conditions that the tribal peoples live with and accept as normal. These conditions include only minimal medical care directed mostly at providing clean water and multiple disease immunizations to babies and children.

Tanzania is one of the countries that Wonderwork has targeted.

We have decided to support WonderWork. We consider a radically improved life for $300 a great investment.

We humbly ask you to check them out and consider supporting them, too.


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