Klinger – the Adopted Starling


Klinger is an amazingly lucky starling!

His life started and almost ended on the ground when he wasn't strong enough to break out of his shell and was likely evicted from the nest.

On the ground was where Susan Hickman found a cracked starling egg while on her morning walk. and she couldn't see where it had dropped from so she decided to bring it home.

Susan nurtured the now named, Klinger, for a year while documenting the process in a really well done YouTube video that has about 2.7 million views. Several recreations of the story (like this one) have added countless more views.

Klinger the Starling Video

Here are some nice still shots of Klinger's first year. Enjoy

Klinger's High Chair

Klinger's High Chair

Just Let Me Sleep

Just Let Me Sleep

Fuzzy Klinger


Klinger Grows Feathers

With Feathers

Taking a Bath

Taking a Bath

Klinger Full Grown

Full Grown

How I See The Klinger Story

I see this story through the lens of my personal worldview.

What's a worldview you may ask?

Well, in a nutshell, it's how a person views the totality of world objects and events against his/her own set of values.

It's a subject I hope to cover more directly on the blog in the near future.

Everyone Has a Worldview

Anyway, my world view includes kindness to all creatures and especially those who are somehow disadvantaged.

That's what I immediately saw when I first came across the Klinger story. So did Susan Hickman. She (we) saw a creature, dare I say one of God's creations, in a life threatening predicament.

Our worldview compelled at least an attempt to rescue the creature (remember the story of the Good Samaritan).

Every time I see a story like this one my heart rejoices: there is still unconditional love in this world! There is still hope that those who are faithful in the small things of a worldview like this will be given opportunities to be faithful on much larger matters and be able to affect the whole world for the good.

I'll bet Susan Hickman never dreamed of millions of views worldwide!

A Question

How did you see this story when you first saw it?

Silly? Futile? Waste of Susan's time?

Waste of yours?​

Would you have stepped on the egg shell? Lots of young children would.

Why did you stay with the story? This deserves some serious thought. It just might have something to do with a piece of your worldview - a good piece!

Well, more about worldviews on another occasion(s).


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Thanks! - Dick S

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