Developmentally Disabled Mitchell Markus’s Magic Moment

Mitchell's Magic Moment


The story of developmentally disabled Mitchell Markus​ is a marvelous story of selfless sportsmanship. And, fortunately for many of us, the story was captured and documented on network television and on YouTube.

CBS Evening News has an ongoing feature called On the Road with Steve Hartman. This segment has a unique way of finding a wide variety of heartwarming human interest stories.​ Let's watch as Steve narrates and conducts interviews.

The Video of Mitchell Markus's Magic Moment

Some Thoughts

In a world filled with discouraging news all around us, its a blessed respite to see and hear some good news about people being nice and kind to another person like Mitchell Markus.

I certainly have no statistics on these kinds of stories but I'd bet that team sports is one of the most common places that feel good things happen. It's coached from the earliest years and probably peaks before the sports become too competitive.

The part of Mitchell's story I liked best was the opposing team player calling to Mitchell and then in bounding the ball to him leading to his one and only score at the buzzer. That was the icing on the cake.

By the way, did you shed a tear??? Come on confess! I did.


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