What is a Policeman? – a Tribute by Paul Harvey

A Policeman


Introduction to What is a Policeman?

There is a lot of negative news about police officers in the news these days.

I don’t deny the existence of the abuses of authority that are sensationally reported. I don’t believe they are all baseless, either.

But how about the huge majority of law enforcement officers who are honest, hardworking and necessary to the public good?

These are the people who deserve recognition in the media and with a handshake and a “Thank You” from all of us.

Paul Harvey was a well-known Radio News commentator for decades – and to most people a national treasure.

Harvey broadcast a tribute to A Policeman . It has been supplemented with video and makes its way around the internet.

Take a look and then drop a comment below about what you think of this side of the story.


Paul Harvey pays Tribute to Policemen (& women) on Nationwide Radio Broadcast


I have law enforcement officers in my extended family. They worked hard and with clean records of service to their communities.

They have seen a lot of the bad side of people and they don’t get paid nearly what they are worth to us.

At least that’s what I think.

How about you?




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