Want to See a Buffalo Face to Face? Yellowstone National Park – Part 4 – Summer Vacation Series

Yellowstone canyon and waterfall. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA.


Yellowstone National Park is the oldest, largest and most popular National Park.

Old Faithful Yellowstone

Old Faithful Yellowstone by www.cheaptrip.ru

Our family has visited Yellowstone Park twice and we still tell stories about the ice on the water cup when we got up one morning in late July!

The video gives a good visual and narrative introduction to the park.

To quote an old cliche, “You have to be there.” to get the true effect of this immense park and its grandeur.

I have also adapted an old quote by Mark Twain by substituting for “man” the words “National Park”….I’ve never met a National Park I didn’t like.

I’ve been to sixteen National Parks with all or portions of our family over the years.


You can find a lot of information about Yellowstone from its website at:



If that doesn’t satisfy all of your interests, Wikipedia has an extensive article and several nice images at:



If you have visited Yellowstone, please drop a comment below with your highlights of the visit.

We’d love to hear them.

And its easy.


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