Bad Potato! – The Trials and Tribulations of a Creative Flight Attendant

Jeanne Robertson Screen Shot


Who is Jeanne Robertson?

At 70 years of age Jeanne Robertson is at the peak of her nearly half century profession/calling as a humorous speaker of clean humorous stories at conferences and gatherings from churches to business meetings. She has even added comedy performances at theaters to her already-busy schedule.

Jeanne Robertson

Jeanne Robertson

She is one funny lady! And she is six feet – two inches tall, too!

The video Bad Potato is just a teaser sample of her southern drawl sense of humor.

Watch and be ready to laugh!


The Video – Bad Potato!


Here is her bio from her own website.  Take a look at her many accomplishments.

While you are at the website, view some more of her videos and you’ll be hooked and sharing them widely in no time.

The only negative I can find in her career is that it might be difficult to be her “left brain” husband, Jerry,  who takes the brunt of her humor.



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