The Best Trained Dog in the World

Smartest (or Most Obedient) Dog in the World Screen Shot

Intro to the World’s Best Trained Dog.

I really wish I had the Best Trained Dog in the World sometime in my life.

My family has had two very different dogs that had one thing in common – they did things in their own way at their own times and paid little attention while in obedience training!

Did you ever have a dog like that?

Well, I came across this YouTube video on Facebook and was fascinated by the obedience that this dog shows to his master’s commands.

You will be, too!

Watch and be amazed.


Now was that a well trained and smart dog?

Are you just a little bit jealous when comparing him to dogs you have had or have right now?

I don’t have an answer for that one but I do know that more training is better than less.

Who knows, maybe your favorite canine is as smart or smarter than this one, too.



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I appreciate it. Dick S

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