Konopiste CZ 02 by Marek Prokop

Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s Castle, Konopiště, Czech Republic

Introduction to Konopiště

Konopiště a sochy (001) by Juan de Vojníkov

Konopiště a sochy (001) by Juan de Vojníkov

Thirty miles south of Prague is Konopiště, the lavish residence of the archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir of the Habsburg throne. While waiting his turn to become emperor, Ferdinand turned this castle into a palace with all the latest comforts, amassed one of the world’s best collections of arms and armor, and lined the walls with over 4,000 hunting trophies.

Archduke Ferdinand and his wife, Sophie were assassinated in Sarajevo in 1914 sparking the outbreak of World War I.

Rick Steves does his usual fine job of presenting both the palace and its highlights and describing the circumstances of the time in that part of Europe.

If you are a hunter you will not want to miss seeing Ferdinand’s collection of hunting trophies.

Enjoy your tour of Konopiště.



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