Pay it Forward Works Worldwide – Is it time for YOU to try it?

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Pay it Forward – the New Golden Rule

There have been many internet stories, TV commercials, sermons, parental lectures and a full-length movie about doing to others as we want them to do to us aka “The Golden Rule” and more recently “Pay it Forward”.

What is this, anyway?

Well, there is a lot of negativity out there in the ways we human beings relate to each other.

Don’t you agree?

The Pay it Forward movement aims to change that.

The idea got started here in the U.S.

But is this idea a USA-only phenomenon or is it apparent elsewhere?

Here is a YouTube video that provides a poignant data point on the worldwide nature of the concept.

Check it out!



Here is more evidence that it is indeed a global movement.

Did you know that April 24, 2014 is Pay it Forward Day?  Well, it is!

Here is another video featuring a representative of The Global Movement that I found on its website at:




I’m glad to hear this news!  Aren’t you?

It also makes me look at myself – do I do it?

Does anyone have some other blog post or news story or video examples?  Please share them or at least the links.

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I appreciate it.

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