Monkey Shenangians BBC One

Bonobo Junior


Here is a short, hilariously cute video of a BBC One film crew trying to do their job in the presence of a group of harmless (mostly), playful and very curious monkeys of the Chimpanzee family of closely related species.

BBC One produced a three-part 60 minutes per episode series on primates which has already aired and is available on DVD.

I haven’t seen any of the actual series episodes but this YouTube video is gaining views as a sort of “out take”.

Try to imagine the simultaneous hilarity of the Bonobos’ antics and the frustration of not being able to accomplish the work you traveled half way around the world to document.



If you are interested in the BBC One project you can find out a lot more, including some more video clips, at the project’s website at:

BBC One Project

Enjoy the Bonobos!



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