Dakuwaqa’s Garden – Gorgeous Underwater Footage from Fiji & Tonga

Dakuwaqa’s Garden

Want to see a WOW underwater video? Try taking a video tour of Dakuwaqa’s Garden.

Masked Butterflyfish by vanveelen on Flickr

Masked Butterflyfish by vanveelen on Flickr

Thirty million YouTube viewers can’t be wrong!

I became aware of this video and many more which I will share in coming weeks/months in a “Forward” email from a relative.

It’s kinda strange that I hadn’t found it myself since I”m always poking around YouTube.

I’m really glad she forwarded this link because it led me to a whole bunch more high quality underwater videos.

I’m fascinated by the underwater world and have seen a small fraction “live” while snorkeling of what I’ll be showing you but what I did see was breathtaking.



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I appreciate it.

Dick S cropped

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