Life-changing Play Executed by Middle School Football Players


The Life-changing Play Background

Youtube Video Courtesy of CBS Evening News

The On the Road with Steve Hartman segment of CBS Evening News is a generally “feel good” piece that may be covering anything from farming to children to animals or other kinds of stories.

This one is about the football team at Olivet, Michigan Middle School and how they conspired to make a life-changing play. It appeared on TV in October 2013 and it has attracted nearly 9 million YouTube views.

As the school football season of 2016 gets underway, I thought it would be good to try to reignite the spirit shown in this great video story.

​I want to set the stage for the video first so you get the "flavor" of what the football team members collectively decided to do, who was involved and why they did it.

To do this, I've added several still screen shots from the video to try to illustrate some more of the human side of the players and the subject of their conspiracy - Keith Orr, who is "learning disabled and struggles with boundaries in the sweetest possible way".


Keith Orr Gives a Hug

Quarterback Parker Smith tells Steve Hartman " We've got this. This is Keith's time"

QB Parker Smith Explains the Plan

Keith suits up for "the game". 


Oops, my glasses got in the way!

We did it! We pulled the play off perfectly and Keith is the hero!


The Thrill of a Lifetime

Steve Hartman talks with WR Justice Miller about who else, beside Keith, is affected.

WR Justice Miller talks With CBS's Steve Hartman

WR Justice Miller talks With CBS's Steve Hartman

WR Justice Miller is Deeply Affected

WR Justice Miller is Deeply Affected

The Life-changing Play Video

And now the video.  You may want to have a Kleenex handy. I am hoping you will share it again and again. Let's go viral!


This is the kind of "Good News - Tastefully Presented" I love to discover and present on this blog.

I'm so sick of all the bad news this is a breath of fresh, inspirational air.

Don't you agree?

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