What’s Good About America? We Are Generous!


How Generous is America?

I discovered the article below describing how generous we are on the Good News Network website and decided that it was a good time to reflect on something “right” with America.

There is so much bad news these days and it seems like the only thing we see and hear from the mass media sources.

This article gives us a valuable insight into something important about our country and its people and its institutions that we can all be proud of (while maintaining a sense of humility!).

The Good News Network gives copyright permission to repost the article without cost but includes some Ads.


The Good News Network Article


2015 Was America’s Most Charitable Year Ever

Generosity hit a record high for the second year in a row, with charitable donations by Americans topping $373.25 billion. Individuals, estates, foundations and corporations gave even more money in 2015 after setting record last year, reports Giving USA’s Annual Report on Philanthropy, released yesterday. The new peak in contributions is record-setting whether measured in current…


Well, does that make you feel a little bit better about being an American. It does for me.

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I appreciate it.

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