Did Andy Rooney Really Lose Touch With Today’s Music?

Andy Rooney

Who is Andy Rooney?

Andy Rooney

Andy Rooney

Do you know who Andy Rooney is?

Have you lost touch with this American icon?

Well, settle back for a few minutes and take a look at a relentless writer and reluctant TV star.

He was a WWII correspondent, wrote several books, wrote for radio and television shows and he appeared 1100 times on 60 Minutes.

Born in Albany, New York, he passed away November 4, 2013 at the age of 92.

Andy’s “Few minutes with Andy Rooney” segments featured a mixture of irony, logic and humor as he poked fun or complained about a wide variety of things  that annoyed him.

He always portrayed himself as “a plain, ordinary average American guy”.  He wrote about things he believed applicable to a lot of people just like him.

Check out this 60 Minutes segment about music.


Click the link below to Wikipedia if you want to know more about him.


I may post some more of Andy’s 60 Minutes segments in coming weeks/months.

I know he entertained me while making his point.


Andy Rooney Screenshot

Andy Rooney Screenshot


Kinda cute delivery, I think. Imagine appearing 1100 times on a single TV show series. I couldn’t be the only one that liked him!

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Did Andy Rooney Really Lose Touch With Today’s Music?


I appreciate it.

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