Celtic Woman – an Amazing Musical Group Performs Amazing Grace

Have you heard of Celtic Woman?

Celtic Woman is a group of Irish singers and a mini orchestra that accompanies them.

The group also features an Irish fiddler, who for several years was Máiréad Nesbitt. Máiréad amazed audiences with her skill on the violin and her spirited gyrations on and around the stage while she played. A new fiddler has arrived to continue this tradition.

The quality of the group of singers, musicians and staging and costuming is truly world class – with a distinctive bit of Irish brogue.

A lot of people around the world have heard of them and attended their concerts as they tour the world.

My wife, Lynn, and I have attended three of their performances and we enjoy their DVDs as well.

In fact, this March we will attend a live concert again near our Florida winter home.

As far as I can tell, this performance of the hymn, Amazing Grace, is their most watched on YouTube.

It has over 43 million views!

Just in case you are one of those who hasn’t heard them before, I thought I’d showcase one of their best loved selections among the many that are available on YouTube.

Hope you enjoy them. They sing a variety of music featuring Irish ballads. Their harmonies are very pleasing to the ear and so are their subtle Irish brogues.

You can find out more about them at their website:




Well, did you like them?


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Celtic Woman – an Amazing Musical Group Performs Amazing Grace


I appreciate it.


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