Junk Mail, A Poignant Story About Aging

Clipping Junk Mail

What does junk mail have to do with aging?

I never thought the answer could be so emotional.

This is a 10 minute short video that is very emotional. It has joy and sadness. Maybe a bit of resignation that its hard to change the circumstances of the elderly people, mostly female, that you will see.

There is also hope  - hope that people who want to change the circumstances of people like 98 year old Mary do exist and are very committed to their mission.

Watch and think if there is anyone you know who, like Mary, is lonely but brave and deserving of  outreach and time.

The video does a great job at demonstrating the reality of aging alone, all by yourself with no family.

My wife and I just visited a male friend of over 10 years who is now spending time in a nursing home with the expectation that he will soon be released. He will not be able to live independently any longer, however.

He is lucky to have a family member who will take him into ​their home and give him both care and companionship.


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I appreciate it.


Dick S

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