About Aging – The Sparrow – a Love Story

The Sparrow Screen Shot

What does a sparrow have to do with aging?  Well, it’s kind of like the  song – The Cat’s in the Cradle.  I like the Johnny Cash version where Johnny made a point in a way that many people were willing to “hear”.

It was an audio lesson on how the negative role model of the father toward the son was repeated by the son against the father.

You can hear the song by clicking the link below.


The Story of an Old Father, His Son and the Sparrow…

Here I have featured a lesson that isn’t quite the same situation but the video medium carries the “message” as well as the Johnny Cash song carried his “message”.

Take a look.


Makes you think, doesn’t it?

A wise friend of mine once said, “You never have to take back anything you didn’t say.”



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About Aging – The Sparrow – a Love Story


I appreciate it.


Dick S

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